Joining the Mili Live app brings many benefits for users, including:

  • Entertainment: Mili Live is a place where users can find diverse entertainment content such as live streams about gaming, music, dance, sharing life, and more.
  • Connection: Users can connect with people who have similar interests and views, creating a friendly and warm community.
  • Making money: Users can earn money through live streaming and receiving virtual gifts from viewers. These gifts can then be exchanged for cash.
  • Self-development: Mili Live provides users with a platform to develop skills such as communication, entertainment, and business.
  • Safety: Mili Live has strict policies to ensure the safety and privacy of users. Inappropriate content will be reviewed, and users can report any improper behavior.
  • Flexible time: Users can watch and live stream at any time that suits their schedule.
  • Interactive features: Mili Live provides users with interactive features such as chat, sending gifts, and following favorite artists.
  • Increasing popularity: Users can increase their popularity on social media and attract more fans through live streaming on Mili Live.
  • Flexible usage: Mili Live can be used on various devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.
  • Ability to develop own channel: Users can develop their own channel on Mili Live, providing unique content and attracting more views and fans.
  • With these benefits, Mili Live is becoming one of the popular live streaming apps that many users love today. Join now to enjoy the benefits that the app brings!


Although we bring many benefits to users, we also have some disadvantages such as:

  • Requires stable internet connection: To use Mili Live, users need to have a stable internet connection to watch and live stream continuously.
  • Potential for inappropriate content: Although Mili Live has a content review policy to ensure safety for users, there may still be some inappropriate content posted on the app.
  • Fierce competition: With the increasing number of users, competition on Mili Live is also becoming more fierce. This requires users to try harder to create attractive and convenient content for viewers.
  • Advertising costs: To attract more viewers and fans, users may need to invest in advertising, which can be costly.
  • Limitations in resolution: Due to the requirement for stable internet connection, Mili Live has limitations on the resolution of videos and cannot achieve high resolution like other live streaming apps.
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